Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Breathing Space

Both 1838 Days and the Hillforest Gala have come and gone, so things are a bit quieter right now. I celebrated by reading a Maeve Binchy this week: Quentins. Not one of her strongest efforts in my opinion. My shop reading right now is One Day at Kitty Hawk, a recounting of the Wright brothers' aeronautical experiments. Not everyone realizes there is an Indiana connection with the Wrights since their father served a church in east central Indiana at one time, they are primarily regarded as Ohio boys.

Lanternguy is reading a Louis L'amour...again.

Thanks to Brian at Monarch Books in North Carolina we were able to order a complete group of the Bazil Broketail books for Sonandheir. His were lost in his fire last year and he was disappointed to find that they were out of print.