Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas Walk is Here!

Another holiday season is underway in Metamora. We had a relatively nice weekend, Sunday was somewhat dreary and misting rain but temperate.

Currently I'm reading the the Konemann edition of Henry James The Aspern Papers and Other Stories. I'm a fan of the Konemann books, they are "pocket" sized and very well made. At home I'm reading a biography of Antoine de Saint Exupery (just had to go check the spelling on the shop's copy of Wind, Sand and Stars.)

Lately we've had quite a bit of interest in our Little Black Sambo books. We've sold several copies of the new reprint from Applewood books. It's a duplicate of the small format Platt & Munk, which used the same page layout and illustrations as the Lippincott edition. The cover is very glossy, and the illustrations are not quite as clear. Quite a few people seem to offer the Applewoods on Ebay at a premium price while they can be ordered directly from Applewood for around $7. We have some storybooks including the Sambo story with very nice illlustrations by Eualie, Johnny Gruelle and Fern Peat Bisel.

Helped my sister clean out her former husband's apartment after his death last month. She donated most of his books to the Friends of the Lexington public library, a large quantity of some very nice art books and a nice collection of work on music-especially blues and 70's Rock and Roll. There should be some very good values at their next book sale.