Thursday, September 16, 2010

time does fly

Just checked and I haven't posted here all summer! Facebook has become so easy that making a blog entry just hasn't crossed my mind.
So, what have I read lately?

I finished biographies of Ralph Stanley and Bill Monroe as we worked all summer on the plans for the Metamora Old Time Music Festival on Labor Day Weekend.
I've been reading a biography of Charles Keene of Punch magazine, from time to time in the shop.
Two of the "Cat Who....." mysteries, just because I can get through them quickly in an afternoon or two.
The Economics of Food, a survey of the effects of energy and agriculture policies on food pricing globally.
I'm sure there were others, but they've slipped my mind.

We brought several titles from the Indiana Historical Society into stock this year, including a new title "Indiana One pint at a time" which give info on beer breweries around the state. Also, both of Earl Conn's titles from his newspaper columns, 101 and 101 more... things to do in Indiana.