Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Independent Bookstore

Slate reviewed a newly published book that turned into a discussion of the role of independent book sellers. Personally I have a bias toward the quirky used book emporium. One of my favorites is Ohio Book Store on Main Street in Cincinnati, and there is the Dust Jacket in Mt Lookout Square. Up in Wabash, Indiana I happened upon Reading Room Books last summer. All of these stores are probably using the internet for sales, but they still are an interesting experience.

Some of the comments on the Slate article suggested that outside of major areas such as New York there was really little to lament in "fly-over" country, and that the coming of the big box and on line booksellers was actually a blessing. I would have to say that I was appalled to discover that there were no bookstores in existence in Franklin County when I moved here. But Indianapolis and Cincinnati are not that far away.